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• Cristina Rice: Hi. I’m Cristina Rice.

• Michael Jones: Nice to meet you, Mrs. Rice, I’m Michael Jones.

• Cristina Rice: Please, call me Cristina.

• Michael Jones: Ok Cristina, call me Michael.

• Cristina Rice: Do you live around here, Michael?

• Michael Jones: Yes, I live here in Providencia. And you?

• Cristina Rice: I live downtown but I work in Vitacura.

• Michael Jones: Really, me too! What do you do?

• Cristina Rice: I work at a Bank. And you?

• Michael Jones: I work at a retail store.

• Cristina Rice: Interesting. Do you have any children?

• Michael Jones: No, not yet. What about you?

• Cristina Rice: I have one son and two daughters.

• Michael Jones: Really? How old are they?

• Cristina Rice: Jason is five, Jessie is ten and Nicole is two.

• Michael Jones: Wow! Well, it was nice talking to you.

• Cristina Rice: Yes, it was. Could I have your email?

• Michael Jones: Sure, it’s michael-jones@retail.net

• Cristina Rice: Mine is c.rice@yahoo.com

• Michael Jones: Ok, thanks!

• Cristina Rice: Bye. Have a great day!

• Michael Jones: You too. Take care.

Your progress is our challenge!

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Your progress is our challenge!

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