Mientras hablas con otra persona ¿cómo le demuestras que estás escuchando? Puedes usar gestos y también respuestas cortas (response tokens) como yeah, really, right.

Revisa algunos ejemplos a continuación: Discourse markers as responses

To show understanding

  • OK
  • I Know
  • I see
  • Right
  • Good

A: I don’t have experience in that area
B: Oh, I see

To show agreement or interest

  • Absolutely/ Certainly
  • Definitely
  • Exactly
  • Amazing
  • That’s great
  • Interesting

A: I’m stressed out, I’ll take a week off
B: Definitely

To show surprise

  • Really?
  • Are you serious?
  • Wow

A: We’re going to Dubai next week
B: Really?

To show sympathy

  • That’s terrible/ awful
  • That’s a shame
  • That’s a pity
  • What a bummer

A: He can’t play basketball for at least a week, he’s broken his leg

B: That’s terrible


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