What’s happening in Chile?


Últimamente, Chile está pasando por un momento de contingencia política y social muy importante lo cual ha sido ampliamente discutido incluso en los medios internacionales. Es importante manejar el vocabulario o expresiones en inglés para poder comunicar el mensaje apropiado. ¿Cómo lo explicarías en inglés? ¿Has tenido que discutir con clientes o colegas internacionales acerca de nuestra situación actual? Si es así, ¿Te ha costado encontrar las palabras correctas?

A continuación, presentamos algunas frases u oraciones claves que podrían ser útiles:

 Q: What’s going on Chile?
A: Chile is currently living a state of unrest due to social inequality.

Q: Why did it start?
A: It was triggered by the metro fare hike.

Q: What kind of social inequality started this?
A: There are many aspects, but some important points are minimum wage, the pension
crisis, the health and education systems and weekly work hours.

Q: What has the government done?
A: The president declared a state of emergency and set nationwide curfews.

Q: What is a state of emergency?
A: It means that the country is going through a situation of national danger and the
government can suspend constitutional procedures.

Q: What does establishing a nationwide curfew imply?
A: Also known as “toque de queda” in Spanish, a curfew is a regulation requiring people to
stay indoors during certain hours. The objective is to maintain public order.

Q: How have people been manifesting themselves?
A: The social manifestations have been mostly peaceful, like marching through Alameda,
Santiago’s main street, or participating in “cacerolazos”.

Q: What is a “cacerolazo”?
A: It’s a traditional Latin American form of peaceful protest, where citizens bang pots or
kitchenware to call for attention.

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